Minto View Cabins " Introducing Westfalia Rentals "

    "Yukon Westfalia Rentals"   


   We Love Westfalias

We started a new venture, Yukon Westfalia Rentals.

We fell in love with them 2 years ago when we purchased a camper van for our beloved older pets so we could take them with us on our travels.

We did not realise what we had bought at the time, it had a great poptop roof with bed upstairs, a kitchen sink and cooking facilities, a fold out bed and storage, perfect for what we needed.

On our way down south, people in similar vans kept waving at us? We kindly waved back wondering why they waved at us in the first place.

Now we know, we had entered the Westfalia World.

A following of Westfalia enthusiasts from all over the world who love to travel in those brilliant comfortable vans.

I have been absolutely impressed with our Yellow Westy, who we name  "Lady Bug", another interesting fact, all van owners appear to name there vans.

(Two years later, welcome Penelope and Freddy the Frog to our team and our weekender Goldie.)

Yukon Westfalia Rentals

We rent our vans so you can explore the Northern part of Canada, if you love nature and freedom this is for you.

Great for when the family is coming to visit, a weekend away, weddings or explore the Yukon and Alaska on your 7-10 day trip.

A round trip from Whitehorse through "The Kluanee Park"

Visit Whitehorse, Haines Junction, Haines, Skagway and relive the Klondike Days.

Beautiful scenery, hiking, biking, fishing, relaxing in your own home on wheels.

Everything you need is in the van, double bed upstairs under the poptop. Kitchen sink and two burner cooking stove and a fold outbed downstairs. Awning for when its raining.

We also do static rentals for "The Atlin Arts and Music Festival"

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