Minto View Cabins " Introducing Westfalia Rentals "

 The "Little Switzerland" of the North,


 History, Culture, Wildlife, "Atlin" has it all.

The beauty of Atlin captured us so much that we decided to stay.We haven't regretted it for one moment.

To be able to watch the wildlife, moose, deer,caribou, bear, wolves, eagles, lynx and owls out of your kitchen window is a privilege.

        Mule deer, in front of our window.    

My husband and I, have lived in Atlin for thirteen years now. I started "Minto View Cabins" ten years ago and have met some wonderful, amazing, interesting people from all around the world. For two European's like us, Dutch and English, this has been quiet an adventure. We live here with our adopted dog "Buddy", who is our guest 'greeter'. There is the resident moose with here two calf's by her side an other wildlife that wanders through.

It has been an experience, there is always something to do in this beautiful environment, the winters cold but beautiful, sunny skies and so quiet it deafens you. Cross Country skiing, ice fishing, ski dooing and snow shoeing.

The summer days are long and bright, there are numerous hiking and biking trails around the property and Atlin Lake is only a stroll away if you like to fish, kayak, canoe or just dip your toes in the water, {ok we do have some mosquitos} but its a small price to pay for living in paradise.

Autumn is the best time of year to capture the amazing colors of the changing foliage. Reds,yellows and orange the first frost on the trees a perfect time to get the camera out, actually every day is a good time for the camera around "Atlin", there ia always something to see.  

We like to share our environment with our guests, so they can experience it for them selfs and  can relax or explore in "The Little Switzerland" of the north, Atlin.

My life completly changed in Atlin, eight years ago i went back to school, something i never thought i would go back to  at my age, and completed a 9 months "Adventure Wilderness Course" at the "Northern Lights College" in Atlin.  I am now an accredited guide and as i spend a lot of time in the bush with the beauty and tranquility all around me, i felt the need to capture it on camera. I have been a member of the Court Room Gallery  in Atlin for the last 8 years. It has been an exiting adventure for the both of us and hope it will be for you too.